About Manta Sport

Brooke Siver receiving an award from John Roche

Manta World Sport is a proudly Canadian company that has been producing superior racquet sports equipment since 1972. Originally a division of Yonex Canada, Manta continues to be an industry leader in production and design, proof of an enduring commitment to quality in both racquet design and manufacturing throughout the world. In 2011 Manta began the production of pickleball paddles and joined the “Fastest growing sport in North America”. Manta’s current lineup of paddles can accommodate the beginner through to the professional level of players. Our research and development team is constantly improving designs and is a leader in paddle technology. Manta products are available in 17 countries and Manta sponsors players, events and organizations around the world in an effort to promote and grow the games of pickleball and squash.

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Some facts about Manta's owner Brooke Siver

  • Brooke was the Squash Pro at the Racquetor Courts and Fitness, in Kamloops, BC, from 1997 through 2005
  • Past President of Squash BC (2002 - 2007)
  • Former Officiating Chair, Squash BC
  • Officiating Certification: Level B1 Provincial Examiner
  • NCCP Level III squash coach
  • NCCP Level I squash course conductor
  • Current Squash BC ranking: #21
  • Teaches squash throughout the Caribbean several times a year